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We are a LOCAL, Family Owned, Cave Creek Business.

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Car Wash Detailing

The Benefits of Washing Your Car

Saving gas- We have all seen it before, big trucks and SUV’s with dirt and mud all over it. This just adds weight and therefore uses more gas. Even small cars could have up to 10 pounds of dirt on and underneath it. How about the inside of the car? Do you have stuff in it that does not need to be there? Take out anything that you don’t need or use.

Resale Value- Washing your car regularly and keeping it waxed will help you protect the paint and clear coat finish of your car.   Arizona sunshine bakes finishes and interiors.  Regular cleaning, waxing and coating protects all your car surfaces.

Remove Germs- If you eat, smoke or just spend a lot of time in your car, you often leave particles and matter in the car. Over time the particles and dirt can cause the interior of the car to harbor germs and odor. When you get your car detailed, the professional vacuums your car floors and seats. He also uses special tools to remove sticky materials and particles from hard-to-reach cracks of your car’s inner compartments. A proper detailing job includes both cleaning and disinfecting of the surfaces to kill germs.

Minimize Allergies- A detailing job includes a thorough cleaning of the air vents that bring hot or cold air into the car. Over time, dust particles form on these vents. The particles blow into the car, which could irritate occupants of the car. Cleaning out these vents helps reduce the chance that occupants catch colds or have allergy symptoms. It is also beneficial for car occupants who have ashma symptoms.

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See Our Oil Change Pricing Chevron Gas Station & Other Services

See Our Oil Change Pricing

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